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National Service Update

17th November 2023

It’s good to know when you’ll hear from us, so we’re posting our processing times to keep you updated.

National service update

We’re currently processing applications received on the 16th November 2023 and will contact you within 72 working hours with an acknowledgement. For the quickest turnaround, please submit your documents, via the portal, when submitting the case.

For documents not submitted via the portal, these are taking 24 hours to be manually uploaded to your application from the email mailbox.

Once successfully uploaded to the application, we’re taking 4 working days to process and assess a document.

*Average time taken from application to Offer: 14 days

Processing your applications

The applications processed most quickly are the ones that meet our packaging requirements. Make sure you’re including everything we need by checking here before you submit.

Tracking your cases

If you have already submitted an application, you can use our case tracking system to stay up to date. Find out more here.

*Average speed to offer is working days based on applications received since April 2021
Cases fully packaged at outset are achieving lower speed to offer timescales

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Get in touch

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