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How to apply

Submitting your mortgage applications

You can submit mortgage applications online.

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Packaging requirements
Hints & tips
  • Apply online

    Use our online application system to complete and submit both residential and buy to let applications. Registration to use the system is quick and easy, and once you are registered you simply need to log in each time you wish to submit applications.

    Online application should also be used to submit scanned supporting documents for your applications.

    Our online application user support guide is available on Tools & Guides, along with a helpful FAQ document.

    Use our online Product Transfer Application System

    Guidelines on submitting applications

    Completed applications should be submitted along with all relevant supporting documents. Please refer to our packaging requirements tab for further details.

    For additional support and information to help you complete our application forms, please refer to our application guides. These will help ensure we can deal with your client’s application as quickly as possible.

    Scottish property valuations

    For residential mortgage applications where the LTV is 90% or below, we can accept a transcript from a Home Buyers Report subject to the valuation not being more than 90 days old and the surveying firm / surveyor being on the banks valuation panel. The fee for a transcript is £100. A bank valuation is needed for loans which fall outside this criteria. Transcripts are not acceptable for BTL applications.

    Need help with the application process?

    Our application forms, useful guides and sales support literature are available from the Tools & Guides and packaging requirements tab of this page.

  • Packaging requirements

    For all cases, we require a Customer Declaration & Direct Debit Mandate. These can be found under Tools & Guides and then Forms on our website.

    Please select the appropriate sections below for the income types your customers receive.


    For an employed person we will require the following documentation:

    Income on payslip Income evidence required
    Basic Salary, Car Allowance, Territorial Allowance Paid Monthly: 1 payslip
    Paid 4 Weekly: 2 payslips
    Other allowable variable pay items on payslip:
    Additional duty hours
    Commissions (including regular bonuses)
    Shift allowance
    Annual bonus income
    Paid monthly: 2 payslips
    Paid 4-weekly: 2 payslips
    Paid fortnightly: 4 payslips
    Paid weekly: 8 payslips
    Annual bonus income Bonus income to be proven over three years using any of the following documents - P60, salary slips showing bonus being paid, annual compensation statement from the client’s employer

    Payslip must include:

    • Applicant’s name as stated on the application form, and National Insurance number
    • Employer’s name
    • Gross and net pay
    • The pay dates

    Parental leave - Where your client is currently on parental leave you must confirm when your client intends to return to work and what their intended working hours will be.

    We require the last 2 payslips prior to parental leave commencing or an employer’s letter confirming the terms of their parental leave on return to work.

    The ongoing ability to pay will then be assessed based on the return to work income level (i.e. adjusted in line with intended working hours).

    We will also need to know of any childcare costs arising upon returning to work. The cost of any future childcare arrangements should be included within the fixed commitments.

    Important: If your customer has any BTLs please see Rental Income.

    Self-employed (limited company)

    If your client has a 25% or more shareholding in a limited company we will require 2 years' accounts showing 3 years' figures. These must be signed by the accountant and not more than 18 months old.

    A signed letter from the accountant addressed to Clydesdale confirming your client’s percentage share in the company and their salary for the last 3 accounting years will be required.

    We cannot accept tax calculations for limited company shareholders.

    Important: If your customer has any BTLs please see Rental Income.

    Self-employed (sole trader)

    If your client has accounts produced we require 2 years' accounts showing 3' years figures. These must be signed by the accountant and not more than 18 months old.

    Where accounts are not produced we will require 3 years' tax calculations with accompanying tax overviews.

    Important: If your customer has any BTLs please see Rental Income.


    2 years' accounts showing 3 years' figures will be required. These must be signed by the accountant and not more than 18 months old.

    Where accounts are not produced we will require 3 years' tax calculations with accompanying tax overviews.

    Important: If your customer has any BTLs please see Rental Income.

    Day rate contractor

    We will require all contracts covering the past 12 months. These must be signed by both parties.

    3 months' bank statements are required for the account where the contracting monies are received.

    If your client has been contracting less than 2 years we will require the client's P45 or P60 from their last employed position prior to contracting.

    If the client has more than a 6 week gap between any contracts within the last 2 years the client will be treated as self-employed rather than a contractor.

    The minimum income for contractors is £50,000. If the income is lower than £50,000 the client will be treated as self-employed.

    Important: If your customer has any BTLs please see Rental Income.

    Retirement income

    Last two months' pension advice payslips (or 4 weeks’ pension advice payslips).

    Annual award letter if regular pension advice slips not received.

    Important: If your customer has any BTLs please see Rental Income.

    State benefits

    Benefit Annual Award Letter or most recent bank statement showing the benefit being credited.

    Important: If your customer has any BTLs please see Rental Income.

    Rental income

    Where your client has 1-3 BTLs we can either accept the signed and in date Tenancy Agreements for background BTLs or 3 months' bank statements clearly showing the rental income credited.

    If 4 or more BTLs we require 3 years' tax calculations with the accompanying tax overviews for 3 years.

    Dependent on the type of application additional documents will be required. Please select the sections below for more details.

    Proof of deposit

    We will always require to see proof of deposit on purchase applications unless this is coming from equity.

    If deposit is coming from savings we need to see the funds in the client's bank account showing the client's name, sort code and account number.

    If the deposit is coming from savings abroad we require to see the funds in the client's UK bank account.

    Proof Of Deposit (Gifted)

    If the deposit is gifted we require a letter from the family member providing the gift to confirm that the funds are a gift and that they will have no financial interest in the property. If the funds are to remain with the family member we require a copy of the family member’s bank statement, the Use Of Personal Information Form (this can be found under Tools & Guides and then Forms) signed by the family member and a signed gift letter.

    If the funds have been transferred to your client we just require a copy of our client’s bank statement and the gift letter.

    Home improvements

    We require estimates to be provided from a builder or contractor where the home improvements are more than £50,000 or more than 20% of the property value.

    Lending into retirement

    If your client wishes to take a repayment mortgage beyond their stated retirement age we will require evidence of their current income and their projected post retirement income (evidenced via latest pension statement).

    If your client is planning on taking a lump sum from their pension scheme upon retirement we will require evidence supporting what the resultant pension income level will be.

    You should also confirm any specific intentions your client has in respect of the pension lump sum (e.g. capital reduction to the mortgage, repay other debts etc) and the estimated post retirement expenditure position.

    Loans over £1m

    Where the client is applying for a loan over £1m, we will require the most recent 2 months' consecutive bank statements.

  • Hints & tips

    We have produced some hints & tips to assist with your completion of the application which will help us to process the application as fast as possible for your clients:

    Monthly expenditure – Please ensure all regular monthly commitments are included within the application. Common examples of regular monthly commitments which are omitted include:

    • Personal loan / hire purchase payments
    • Minimum credit card payments (if the credit card is repaid in full each month then no monthly commitment needs to be recorded in the expenditure section)
    • School fees / childcare
    • Maintenance

    Applications with background BTLs – Ensure all background BTL properties held by the clients are detailed within the application and the total expenditure for all these properties is included within the monthly expenditure section of the application.

    Property address –Make sure the security address you provide exactly matches the Royal Mail website.

    Secondary incomes – Always make sure that employment / income details are fully completed for any second applicant and relevant income proofs provided, even if their income is not considered necessary for affordability purposes.

    Dependants – You are able to add dependants for every applicant. If multiple applicants share dependants then please record them under applicant 1 and then enter zero for subsequent applicants to ensure we do not double count.

    Fees – Please make sure the correct arrangement and valuation fees are input within the application. You can find these on our Products page and Valuation Fees page

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